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Miss Locks – A Short Horror Review


A was able to review this short story from GoodReads.

***Miss Virginia Locks has a date tonight, but something is wrong. She finds herself standing outside her home without any knowledge of how she got there. But what waits for her once she is back inside, a crawling, gasping thing, is even more unsettling.***

This was such a great little story. It was well written and totally played on the emotions of the reader! You felt afraid, you wanted to run and scream with her. Now seeing as how this is only a 6 pg book, think campfire story. Next time you find yourself around a campfire with your best friends, and you got your kindle on ya, read them this book. Guaranteed to get a few to shiver.

Warning: don’t read alone in the dark!


Haunted – Review

Haunted (Women of the Otherworld, #5)Haunted by Kelley Armstrong
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved this book! This book stars Eve Levine, who is Savannah’s mother. One who also happens to be dead. I love the concept of this book. Eve is dead therefore we are treated to the underworld. Complete with Fates, angels, demons, half-demons, ghost, and necromancers.

In this book Eve gets to battle or rather hunt for a Nix; Someone or rather a spirit that thrives on chaos, murder, and other such dark emotions. This particular Nix had been captured but escaped an inescapable hell. So they send Eve to do this quest. If she finishes this quest she will ascend to Anglehood.

And what story wouldn’t be complete without a bit of romance in it. In Dime Store Magic we had met Savannah’s Father, Kristoff. Unfortunately he had died right away. Fortunately for Eve they met up in the afterworld. They now have a chance to rekindle that fire that never really died out.

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I have to say that out of all 5 that I have read so far this one is #2. I was gripped from the very beginning, okay maybe not gripped but fascinated. It’s not everyday that you read a well-written story about the afterlife. I also really like Eve and her literal kick-butt attitude!

One of the stipulations for Eve to become an angel is that she can never return to the ghost world. But of course that is where he sweetheart resides. I was on edge the first time Eve was faced with a situation that could of had her become an angel. I was on edge cause I wanted her to be able to overcome at her own strength and be able to stay with Kristoff. I was so thankful then when the situation got dire that she had a savior in the form of another angel come to rescue her.

Then it gets frustrating. Throughout the whole time she is hunting this Nix, Eve is accompanied by an angel assigned the task of killing or sending the Nix back to hell. He keeps messing up!! Then when it finally counts he is not there, again!So Eve is own her own fighting this Nix!! Only Eve is Paige’s body so she sacrifices herself and Kristoff’s future so that she may deal with the Nix. I was so sadden. But that dark cloud had a silver lining- the Fates saw the sacrifice and gave her a deal. 6 months with the angles and no contact, and 6 months with Kristoff. Such a happy ending!

Forbidden – Review

Forbidden (The Books of Mortals, #1)Forbidden by Ted Dekker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Think of the movie “Equilibrium” .

There was a great war, so scientist devised a way to remove emotions from human DNA. And we all know humanity is not alive without emotions, and feelings. Only 1 feeling/emotion remains and that is fear. They left that so people would be afraid of authority and obey. Which I felt kinda dumb because there is so many many more emotions that they could of kept.

At the time of our story there is a man named Rom. He is intrusted with a vial of blood that makes him and 4 others living again. They now feel and are brought alive. They are instructed to find a boy who is the only child to be born “alive”. I should mention that in order to find the boy they must break the rules of the “Order” (authority) and find themselves in peril many times.

Overall I liked the story. I liked how it played out. I really didn’t like the fact that when they were finally brought alive they felt so much pain and sorrow alongside beauty and love. But that is life and when someone is not used to it, I guess it can be painful.

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Art Project Gone Awry

I saw a post the other day on Facebook and went to check it out. I found a really neat craft idea that Polly @ Helping Little Hands had done:

She called it: Melted Crayon Art and Pointillism. So naturally I wanted to do it!

I went to our local dollaramia store and bought some craft boards. Then at home I gather candles crayons and some paper to put under to catch the drips








Then we got to work 🙂 We had troubles with the candles always going out. Plus it was kinda tedious to keep doing small circles all the time. But overall the children had fun! They enjoyed doing!

HoneyBear and mine










SuperHero and CaptainJr.










The result! 🙂





My Favorite Mottos

There is no such thing as “can’t”.  It is either “I don’t want to” or “I need help”.

This is one that I quote all the time. When I first started schooling or probably even before that, I realized something. Whenever the kids were saying “I can’t”  it was usually followed with a temper, an explosion of anger. That’s when I first starting making this quote up. I knew when they COULD do something but didn’t want to, I would tell you “yes you can”. Or if they truly needed help then I reminded them that I am here to help you just have to ask.  I am hoping after quoting this constantly for 5 or so yrs now that it will sink in. I am hoping that by the time they are teenagers or young adults that this will have sunk into their brain and maybe make life a little easier.

I can’t magically make ???? appear

My children are stubborn. They get it from their father 😉  I genuinely hate when they are being stubborn, and throwing a fit over something I can’t fix or change. Like if we run out of cereal before the last child has a chance to eat. I’m sorry I can’t make cereal magically appear on the table. Or when a pair of pants is discovered too small and they want new pants RIGHT NOW. I am sorry I can’t magically make pants appear. It is not possible for me to run out either and just buy stuff for them.  Or the other thing is when something is not working. I can’t magically make something work. Sure I can try to make it work and fiddle around with stuff but it”s beyond my control I can’t magically make it work.  Life lesson -sometimes we have to do without. It sucks and not very nice but that’s life.

Live and Learn

This one is mostly for my Hubby and I.  Now that we are adrift and trying to anchor our feet down some I am finding I am using this one more.  You hang around someone thinking they are your friend, only to realize you don’t want them around anymore. Live and learn. You realize you overspend on something. Live and learn so next time, or even as an example to your kids, you’ll know not to spend.  I hope too that I can start using this one on the kids.  For how else are we to learn from our mistakes if we don’t go out and live life!  Life is like education -you gotta do something in order for you to observe the knowledge that’s out there. Sometimes/mostly it’s bad but there are a lot of good out there too.

Homeschool is an extension of our parenting

This one I use constantly when talking about our children’s education choices.  When we first had my daughter it was understood between my husband and I that I would stay-at-home and raise the. Then when she hit 5 I realized that I had to make a decision regarding her schooling. Now I think I have always been drawn to big public school like classrooms. I wanted that in my own home -chalkboards and posters, arts, crafts the works. A big room just for school also filled with books (still waiting on this dream to come 😉  ) But when push came to shove I realized I wasn’t ready to let my little 5/6 yr. old girl go out into the big wide world of school and I still wanted her home with me. I realized that as they all got older – that education is so much more then academics, it is about life skills. Plus they way Hubby and I want to raise our children and what we want to teach them differs from public school.  Homeschooling was never a choice really, it was just an extension of our parenting.