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A Beautiful Dark -Review

A Beautiful Dark (A Beautiful Dark, #1)A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG, this book just end. talk about major cliffhanger. I was totally into the book and completely shocked when it just ends!!

This was a fun,frustrating, yet interesting book. Fun because I enjoy reading books with powers and angels. It need more scenes with wings 🙂 Frustrating because she goes back and forth and is so indecisiveness all the time. Frustrating because she is being manipulated into having to chose, into having to try to force her powers to come.

A lot of people have talked about the love triangle but I truly don’t see it. I see her having 2 angels who are friends in a weird sort of way. 2 angels who are each trying to receive her affections. I see 2 angels who “love” her but she only really returns that affection to the “bad” guy. She is just friends with the “good” guy.

Overall I read this in a day and a half so I was glued to the book. Can’t wait to read the second book!!


Water -Review

WaterWater by Terra Harmony
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off I was able to read this in a day. That tells you that I really enjoyed the book. It says that this was a book that sucked me in and I couldn’t put it down.

I like books with a strong heroine. I enjoyed the fact that there were a bad guy and a good guy even though both are supposed to be good. The main character has magic abilities and is able to control the environment.

Which is my only complaint. I am not much of an environmentalist and I felt this book kinda went a little too much that way. But that could just be me and my opinion.

This book was fast-paced, an enjoyable read, and a page-turner. It has action, magic, s*x (not overly graphic) but no real love crushes. It has a kidnapping but no torture. This is definitely an adult book for sure.

Will be looking forward to the next one. The ending to “Water” had a good ending but diffidently left you with a taste to see what might the future hold.

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1.) If you had one day to eat anything you want and not gain a single ounce what would it be? (inspired by The Coffee Pot Chronicles)

I would say I have a few foods/sweet, mainly sweets, on my Kryptonite food list. What is a kryptonite food list? A food/sweet, mostly sweet,  where I lose all control and must eat it and lots  :~

And the number 1 spot goes to: ….


Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

How many of us are now going in search of or will start baking these delicious, mouthwatering, sugar inducing coma cookies!!?

I cannot each just one either.

When I bake I usually only make 2 dozen.

The kids (I have 3) get 4 each, I get the whole other dozen……

Yea, now you know why I wish that these would be calorie free.

4 Weeks to a new me

Week 3′s Challenge:
Purpose to not read ANYTHING else before you have read God’s word for at least 1 minute in the morning. Do not read the newspaper, facebook, a spiritual devotional or check your email. Go straight to God’s word first. And in case you think 1 minute seems a bit stingy with our time – I want to suggest – that once you get started most likely you will go for much longer than 1 minute. But I want this to be doable. After reading your Bible, I encourage you to leave your Bible in the kitchen open and everytime you walk past it, pause to read it for 15 seconds and then go on. Squeeze all the nourishment you can out of the scriptures you are reading.

This may be the hardest post I write. I want to be honest. I want to share with you my dilemma.

Let me start with a story. Once upon a long time ago there lived a lost adolescent girl.  That girl was me.  Her mother took her to the “true” Baptist church in town. The girl hated it. She liked pants but her mother was “convicted” to be skirts only.  The teenage girl liked worldly music but that was from the devil. The teenage girl like public school but her mother was convinced that she must homeschool and therefore put her into the church school. Remeber: I was lost, angry, and mother and I had major issues to begin with.

So from the ages of 12-17 I was rebellious. I hated my life and made sure everyone knew it. Then the month that right before I was 17, God saved me. God reached down and touch my lost soul. God replaced my cold,angry, black heart with a heart of love, peace and forgiveness.  I was able to love for the first time. I was able to really smile and enjoy life. I wanted to be good and to do good. I wanted to please my Lord and Savior.

When I was 20, I married my best friend. He also attended this church and we knew each other since like forever 🙂 Our parents were best friends (still are) and our families were always together on holidays, and even regular days.  My mom didn’t like him because he was open-minded( he would speak his mind), opinionated, and didn’t listen a.k.a. bow down to her.  He also wasn’t the “perfect” Christian she thought I should marry (another story right there) But we married anyway.

Then came the next 10 years of married life, 3 children  in a row, and reality. I was content to live a Christian life. I wanted to do good and follow the rules.

Let me explain a bit about the church before continuing with my story.. The church is an independent, fundamental, baptist church, otherwise know as a cult. Yes, I said it. It is a cult.  It was founded 20+ years ago with the purest intents but has morphed into something different. You get baptist to become a member. And member you are in the fullest sense. They say they have no rules but there are. There are the articles of faith, and the covenant they have as a church. It is the way everyone looks at you when you do something different from the other. It is skirts only and woe is you if you are feel that wearing pants is okay. If you don’t put your kids in the church school they will have nothing to do with you. They have an inside circle and woe is you if you are not fully part of them. If you speak up and out against anything then yo, yourself must not be right. Cause everyone else believes it why don’t you.

Anyway you get the point. My husband is not a Christian. There I said it. I finally let the world know.  And for 10 years he has tried to hide that fact. Why? My hubby loves me fully. He wanted me to be happy. And I was ignorantly happy in the church. I wanted to wear skirts and be happy. I wanted people to like me and forgave them when they hurt me. I wanted to please God and felt this was the only way how. I have shed many, many tears because of  that church tried to mold my family into something that it was not. Anytime I wanted godly council for the pastor all I got was how bad my hubby was and *I* should be more spiritual and take away all the evil from my home (evil being movies and the internet) Finally it all came to a head when the pastor asked/told me “God or your husband”. I was floored. I truly felt that God gave me my husband, Yes my husband my not be a Christian but he loves me, works hard to provide me material things, and actually wants to spend time with me!! I am truly, truly blessed having such a wonderful Husband!!

So we left that church. We are now blackballed, and ex-communicated from our family. Our family thinks that church discipline works and must have “no fellowship” with us. Yea, that’s another story too.

I wrote you my story because of the challenge this week: to read the word of God. I did the Study of Eph with Good Morning Girls and it was a balm to my soul. Hubby doesn’t want me to go back to church, any church right now. And quite frankly neither do I. I am scared to go back into that world even knowing it will vastly different then the Baptist cult.  I was a KJV only girl and have always enjoyed reading it. Now I am scared. I am scared of what I’ll find. I am scared that I will read it and only be able to see what I have been taught for the last 18yrs and not what God would have me see. I am thinking of switching versions. I have a wonderful friend who I met through the baptist church. She too has left and is now going to a wonderful church where she can be herself. She uses a different version and is trying to convince me it is okay  😀

SO I think my challenge for this week is to get me another Bible. I also have a few daily devotion books, and “The One Year Bible” (KJV) broken into daily scripture. Maybe I just need to start praying again. I know God hasn’t left me.

Thank you for reading about my story, my dilemma, my conflict.   🙂

Rupture -review

RuptureRupture by Curtis Hox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is definitely a very different book. Different in a fun way.It was difficult to understand sometimes. Or rather trying to wrap your head around some of the concepts the author was writing about.

I felt the author combined humans, computers, and beings (or aliens) all into one. You have realspace -earth, and a world of electonics. Well it goes way beyond the normal electronics. You have nanotechnology and people who can transform. You have people who have special abilities and you have ghosts.

I like how there were protocols and everything was a game.It made enemies much more civilized. Enemies gave each other challenges to win, and who every would win would get status and more power.

The characters were well liked and enjoyed. This book had no love interest but it did have normal school crushes. Crushes that weren’t silly or over the top mind you. The main character had a major attitude and carried herself with pride on who she was. She tried to help those who were like her.

Overall I really liked the story, the characters and the concepts. However I found it difficult to understand what everyone was. I found it took some time getting into the book. By the end though I think I had it figured out.

Lawless Justice

Lawless JusticeLawless Justice by Karina Kantas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When picking up this book think: female biker gang, vigilantes, and bad-a**, smoking- hot women.

The story starts out following Cass later to be known as Ice. She joins a group of females know as the Kittnz. The story then follows their life as a group. They females lead double lives yet the story only follows their night life.

I did not like the story. It wasn’t that the story was bad or anything it was not MY cup of tea! I found the book had many grammar errors and for me to say that means something. I am the type to just scan over the odd error but I found this book had a lot. I also didn’t like how, when as a group they could kick ass, but when it counted the most (one-on-one) they were kinda weak. But again that my be just something *I* don’t like.

I didn’t like the ending. It just kinda ended. It felt like it had a —k, how can I wrap this book up for I am running out of pages -ending. I would much rather have seen justice done at the hands of the Kittnz themselves then how justice was given.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I think that this book was a good story. It was well written but as me, I just wasn’t into it overall.

5 Weeks to a New Me!!

I took this challenge last week, written HERE.   Review:

Week 1 Challenge:  Name 1 healthy habit that you would like to work on establishing in your life over the next 5 weeks.  I did very well this past week. Until I came to the weekend. You all know how it is when Hubby is home. I feel like I deserve a “Break” too and therefore everything seems to be put to the side. And I mean everything. That includes diet and drinking my water :~ So this next weekend is when I shall smarten up. 🙂



Week 2 – Challenge:
1.  Sit down and look at your calendar.  Think about your priorities.

2.  Pray and ask God to give you wisdom as to what you should be doing with your time.
3.  Write out a list of what you need to get done this week – don’t forget to write in time with God!  (you can use the free printable below as a guide :) !)
4.  Every morning this week, look over your to-do list.  Pray and ask God for wisdom.  Add, take away or move things on your list accordingly.
5. Continue this discipline next week and the week after.  Soon you will find order and rhythm to your days and weeks.


I needed some time to think about this particular challenge. I have had a few things in my life that I have been wanting/needing to change. This challenge will hopefully help me change and change now.

1. Think about your priorities.

  1. Communication with God. I need to do more. Now the the study of Eph is done, I need to spent my own time just talking with God and listening to Him. Getting help for the day, learning how to raise kids, and be a better person!
  2. School work. This shall be my first priority for the daily grind. I need to get back into a schedule. I need to do it in the mornings starting at 9 instead of web surfing, blogging, or even chores. Those things can come later and should not be first.Education should be important. I believe that education happens in life but I also believe a bit of textbook work won’t hurt them in the least
  3. Laundry. I am one of those moms who are forever behind in laundry. That is not necessarily a bad thing since we,as moms, have a household to run but when boys continually have no socks to wear well…I need to do better. I need to do laundry on a regular bases and not when we run out of clothes.   :~

Those are my 3 top difficulties right now. The top 3 I really, really need to work on.

2. Look over you to-do list.

I think my daily to-do list would go something like this:

  • 7 a.m. quiet time for mommy
  • 8 a.m. children up, breakfast, dressed, hair brushed, and bedroom chores
  • 9 a.m.-9:30 a.m. free time
  • 9:30 a.m. -12 a.m.  school
  • 12 -lunch
  • 1 a.m. M/W/F movie time (children) workout and shower (mommy)
  • 1 T/T p.m. or 2p.m. chores, free time
  • 4:30 p.m. make supper

This is the schedule I already loosely follow. I need to reinforce school time and add laundry to the list of chores I do on a regular bases!  I shall start today!