Forbidden – Review

Forbidden (The Books of Mortals, #1)Forbidden by Ted Dekker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Think of the movie “Equilibrium” .

There was a great war, so scientist devised a way to remove emotions from human DNA. And we all know humanity is not alive without emotions, and feelings. Only 1 feeling/emotion remains and that is fear. They left that so people would be afraid of authority and obey. Which I felt kinda dumb because there is so many many more emotions that they could of kept.

At the time of our story there is a man named Rom. He is intrusted with a vial of blood that makes him and 4 others living again. They now feel and are brought alive. They are instructed to find a boy who is the only child to be born “alive”. I should mention that in order to find the boy they must break the rules of the “Order” (authority) and find themselves in peril many times.

Overall I liked the story. I liked how it played out. I really didn’t like the fact that when they were finally brought alive they felt so much pain and sorrow alongside beauty and love. But that is life and when someone is not used to it, I guess it can be painful.

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