I homeschool my children. I homeschool for various reasons. This is my list for homeschooling!

1) I feel, as a mom, that it is my duty to give my children an education. I feel that not only do I get to raise them, potty train them, teach them to walk, talk, and learn -that I should continue on and teach them Math, writing, and the world!

2) Socialization -the dreaded word among homeschoolers. Again I fell that I should be able to teach socialization. And to teach it you must first ask the question: What is it? Socialization to me is being able to function in the world. It is to be able to talk, communicate, and respond to others. It is being able to look others in the eye and to be friendly no matter their status in their life!  I feel that those skills cannot come about with being in a classroom full of other kids their own age but being out and about in the real world. Surrounding yourself with people of all ages -so other adults may help. “It takes a village” idea!

3)I get to pick and choose what I want my children to learn. learn -Math,logic, thinking skills, reading, and writing. not learning : sex Ed, bullying, evolution, other people’s/teacher’s  ideas.

4) My children get to learn about family. they get to learn how to get along with family. They get to learn how to talk to each other. I want them open and honest with me. I know this crosses the line into parenting but for me homeschool and parenting are kinda on and the same!

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