No Humans Involved – Review

Normally after so many books in a series, I start to lose interest. The characters drag on or there is nothing to hold your attention or I just lose interest period. But with Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld” series, I am still so much into it.

No Humans Involved is #7 in the series. This one features Jamie and Jeremy. A mystery and love story all wrapped up in one book. Can you saw yummy!! 😀 haha

Jamie is doing a TV shot with two other “spiritualists”. In the garden in the back of the house she’s staying at she comes across child ghost. Ghosts that can neither talk to her or really communicate with her. That starts her off an adventure/mystery as to why she can’t connect with these ghosts.

She enlists Jeremy to help along with Eve and the stage is set for a great read!  She encounters a group of humans that are trying to harness magic. These are dangerous humans that will stop at nothing to be magical. In the end all the bad guys end up with heir due reward, Jamie frees the children ghosts and Eve and Kristoff see them over to the otherside.

One last note: Jamie is such a tease to Jeremy. She wants to make sure their relationship is/will be going somewhere before they get intimate. However in the meantime she teases Jeremy mercilessly. She lets him see her naked but he can’t touch :O what a bad girl!  A love story to believe in.  **sigh** Jamie is so girly yet so sure of herself. Jeremy is an Alfa wolf and well I don’t think I can say much more. Together they make a great couple and compliment each other quite well.


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