Broken -Review

This is the sixth book in the Kelley Armstrong series: Women of the Otherworld. We are back with Clay and Elena, and Elena is pregnant!!

So we start off with a pregnant and very worried Elena, plus her mate Clay.There has never been a recording of a female werewolf getting pregnant. She is so nervous and having nightmares. So to get her mind off the pregnancy, she takes a quick easy job. Clay and Jeremy go with her. A quick break and enter, then home to rest and relaxation (as much as her mind will let her)

Only something goes wrong (as they are wont to do in books 😉 ) The item they stole had a spell cast on it , and they triggered the spell which triggered a porthole from the past. They call up they rest of the pack plus Jamie the necromancer. I do so hope Jeremy and Jamie get together. 🙂 Anywho we now have Jack-the-Ripper, zombies(yes, there are zombies in this book!). a pregnant werewolf and all sorts of wonderful, witty dialog that only Kelley Armstrong can deliver.

All in all they figure out the whos and whys (I don’t want to give away any spoilers) and back to normalcy everyone goes. At the very, very end we are treated to a great surprise when Elena gets to deliver!!

I have to say I love, love,love Clay and Elena. Clay reminds me so much of my hubby. haha okay Clay is too feral and my hubby to tame to be compared but the Relationship is there. I see and feel the love and close relationship they have!  Even though they bicker and fight, kiss and make-up, love surrounds them! That is a beautiful thing -to see a couple with loads of problems come together.

Another great book from author Kelley Armstrong!!


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