Mommy Moments


3.) You know you’re a Mom when…

  1. you find yourself doing/saying the same thing your mother did or said. Even though you said you’d never.
  2. your DVD or TV becomes the babysitter.
  3. you spend you date night worry about the kids. Even though you know they are good and in capable hands , they are still out of your sight and all these “what if’s” cross your mind.
  4. you see and hear another child throw a temper in the store and think “Praise the Lord that’s not my child….today at lest!”
  5. you jump awake from the dead of night with the slightest whimper of “mom”
  6. you have learned to navigate the hallway at 3a.m. in the dark. only to stub your toe on a toy or step on legos and think “why didn’t I tidy the room before bed”
  7. when your hubby wonders why you can’t hear the screaming kid. That’s because you have successfully tuned them out.
  8. you take every moment to hug and kiss your children no matter how messy they get.
  9. you have multiplied you love with each child.
  10. your heart breaks for children in less loving situations.


I am a mom of three and these have been my own personal mommy moments 🙂 I greatly love my children!


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