NeverDark – a review

This was a wonderful story about faeries, trees and lots of woodland creatures. I was able to get a free paperback courtesy of the author. Thanks so much.I really enjoyed reading it.

My emotions ran from frustration and hate at the beginning. Lord Darkwater is just a big meany who wants the fair Princess Fiera as his bride. To a great sadness when the Great Mother Oak is almost destroyed because of greed. To happiness at the very end when all is restored and hope is brought forth.

Being a faerie book and following Fair Fiera’s quest to find Mother Oak, you meet creatures such as noble ants, to Mexican crows, to feisty squirrels. Each makes a lasting and deep impression and friendship!

The one spot I had trouble with was how quickly Darkwater went from a bitter, greedy man to a hopeful, happy man who changed his name to Clearwater. My question was how can someone with that temperament turn from mean to nice so quickly? But when you think of his life story, he wasn’t really mean. Just a misguided genius who had great plans that went awry. When he was able to get his mind right again he used his brilliant mind to change things and make things better..

A great story that I think all people, children and adults alike would enjoy!!


NeverDark by C.S. Einfeld


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