A New Me – Conclusion

I have taken part in the 5Weeks -5 Disciplines-5 Challenges over at Women Living Well. I have done all 5 weeks, and completed all 5 challenges. Being the procrastinator that I am, here is my conclusion to everything:

  1. Body. Challenge:name a healthy habit and stick to it. I wanted to drink more water and as a result have been feeling so much better. My moods have been slightly better too.
  2. Time. Challenge:priorities and making a list. I have seen what my priorities are. Seems some of my priorities are ones that should be in the background and some of the ones I should be doing are lacking. Therefore I have made a list. Am I doing it? most days yes!
  3. Spirit. Challenge:spend time with God before anything else. This I am still sadly failing. BUT on a plus side, I have bought a few new Bibles(rather then my KJVs), an ESV, and NIV. Also I have bought a Child Training Bible or CTB and will be participating in a Bible study of sorts throughout the summer!
  4. Mind. Challenge:eliminate one unnecessary thing out of your life. This was the hardest challenge for it dealt with keeping your mind uncluttered, and sometimes that means your surroundings. I have cleaned my bedroom (and kept it clean) so when I sleep at night it is a haven. I have been keeping my surroundings fairly clean in order to have a peaceful environment.
  5. Work. Challenge:work with eager hands. I put a twist on this challenge.  Seeing as how I am always busy anyway (or at lest it feels that way) I wanted to work with  the children. Our children require work on our part. The just don’t grow up left to their own devices.  We need to work on them -their attitudes, socialization, responsibility. These things we need to teach them. It is easy to say “go play while mommy does this” but to involve them is so much harder and requires work on our part.  Am I still working with and on my children? Everyday.

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