Story Telling Music

5.) List the songs that tell your life story (so far). (inspired by Moments That Define Life)

1) Intervention The Arcade Fire

Working for the church
While your family dies
You take what they give you
And you keep it inside
Every spark of friendship and love
Will die without a home
Hear the soldier groan, “We’ll go at it alone”

** With the chance of sounding bitter (which I am not) but having come out from a religious origination and being hurt this one

really speaks to my heart. I love God with all my heart but as for man-made religion, it’s just not for me right now.**

2)Secrets by One Republic

I need another story
Something to get off my chest
My life gets kinda boring
Need something that I can confess
‘Til all my sleeves are stained red

From all the truth that I’ve said
Come by it honestly I swear
Thought you saw me wink, no
I’ve been on the brink, so

Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those years
Sick of all the insincere
So I’m gonna give all my secrets away

**This one speaks to me because I don’t want any secrets in my life.

I want my life to be an open book that people look at and know exactly who I am.

I want my husband to know exactly who, what, where, and why I do things.

A marriage can’t last if there is no trust. If there is no open heart communication.**

3)We Are Young by Fun

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun

**This is such a fun song. I know it has a totally different meaning then my life but

the above lyrics speak to me. I am young. So I am 30 yrs old, have been married 11 yrs, and have 3 children the oldest who is 9.

Tonight, I am young! I am going to enjoy life to the fullest! I will set the world on fire with my passion, and love for my family!

Together, my family and I can burn brighter then the sun when all else fails and everyone leaves!**


2 thoughts on “Story Telling Music

  1. I love God with all my heart but as for man-made religion, it’s just not for me right now.
    This speaks to me. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. And yes, you ARE young. There are many advantages in starting a family early as you’ll see later on… 🙂

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