3 weeks to a New Me!

Week 1 : Body

Week 2: Time

Week 3: Spirit

Week 4: Mind

Week  4′s Challenge:

Prayfully identify one unnecessary thing you can eliminate from your life.  Is there a room, cupboard or closet you need to clean out?  Clean it out this week!  If clutter is not an issue for you – maybe it’s your calender.  Is it so jam packed full with to-do’s that there’s no room for you to think and pray clearly?  Prayfully eliminate something from your calender.  Are you spending too much time on your computer, ipad or watching too much television?  Choose to limit your time this week – in exchange for some quiet moments of reflection, being in God’s word, praying or reading a mind enriching book.

This couldn’t come at a better time. I have been for some time feeling overwhelmed with my days. I want to spend my early mornings, before kids up, with my computer. Catch up on forums, see how people are doing witht heir blogs, write my in my blog, and internet surf. Then when the  kids get up I walk away and start my day!

That’s the plan and for three months I have always started my day with this lie. I’ll try it again. Today will be different.  Yet it has not gotten better.

We have learned last challenge to start our day in God’s Word. *check* The children have been getting up earlier with it being spring turning summer. So breakfast time *check* . Then and only then can I send them off to play while I have computer time. *check*  Then around 9-9:30 we should be able to start our day!


There it is folks: my plan of attack.  And seeing as how this Tue I better get cracken 🙂


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