Rupture -review

RuptureRupture by Curtis Hox
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is definitely a very different book. Different in a fun way.It was difficult to understand sometimes. Or rather trying to wrap your head around some of the concepts the author was writing about.

I felt the author combined humans, computers, and beings (or aliens) all into one. You have realspace -earth, and a world of electonics. Well it goes way beyond the normal electronics. You have nanotechnology and people who can transform. You have people who have special abilities and you have ghosts.

I like how there were protocols and everything was a game.It made enemies much more civilized. Enemies gave each other challenges to win, and who every would win would get status and more power.

The characters were well liked and enjoyed. This book had no love interest but it did have normal school crushes. Crushes that weren’t silly or over the top mind you. The main character had a major attitude and carried herself with pride on who she was. She tried to help those who were like her.

Overall I really liked the story, the characters and the concepts. However I found it difficult to understand what everyone was. I found it took some time getting into the book. By the end though I think I had it figured out.


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