Lawless Justice

Lawless JusticeLawless Justice by Karina Kantas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When picking up this book think: female biker gang, vigilantes, and bad-a**, smoking- hot women.

The story starts out following Cass later to be known as Ice. She joins a group of females know as the Kittnz. The story then follows their life as a group. They females lead double lives yet the story only follows their night life.

I did not like the story. It wasn’t that the story was bad or anything it was not MY cup of tea! I found the book had many grammar errors and for me to say that means something. I am the type to just scan over the odd error but I found this book had a lot. I also didn’t like how, when as a group they could kick ass, but when it counted the most (one-on-one) they were kinda weak. But again that my be just something *I* don’t like.

I didn’t like the ending. It just kinda ended. It felt like it had a —k, how can I wrap this book up for I am running out of pages -ending. I would much rather have seen justice done at the hands of the Kittnz themselves then how justice was given.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I think that this book was a good story. It was well written but as me, I just wasn’t into it overall.


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