Familiar Wings

A blinding white light coursed through the window. I tried to get a better look but I couldn’t, all I see are blue eyes and… wings. I gasped. Yes, those are wide, burning, black wings. Amazing and beautiful and… terrifying. I looked at him again and he’s looking right at me.

I had seen those eyes before…but where? Then he spoke to me telepathically ” Open this window and let me in” The surprise of being spoken to inside my head plus the realization hit me so hard I just about fell out of bed. That voice, it spoke to me in my dreams. He was the one that visited me on a regular bases in sleep land. He was..”Dad?”

“Yes, sweetheart now let me in before they see me” Again speaking through my mind. As I crossed to let him in, I reflected on who “they” were.

My name is Karuka. I live in a world filled with humans and angels. The angels are our guardians, law enforcers, or superheroes. They are always on the watch keeping an eye out for evil and those in need. They have beautiful white wings and never sleep.

The one thing that keeps them in line from becoming dictators is the branding. If an angel is caught crossing the line he is branded with black feathers throughout his wings. A mark or curse for all to see. Wings are the angels one vanity! There are however 2 rules that no angel shall cross :do not murder a human, and do not sleep with a human. Angels cannot love but the can lust after. For these 2 crimes an angel’s wings are burnt black and throw out into outer space, forever to roam the outer spaces of the universe.

My dad was a powerful angel. A top leader, and a great guardian, yet he lusted after my mom and was cast out, supposedly to never return. I was not supposed to know him nor know of him. Yet stories of his heroism rumored around me almost daily. He was taught in history class for goodness sake. And then there was that little business of him visiting in my dreams.

Only this was not a dream “what are you doing here?” I whispered. He growled “Do not speak out loud speak only through your mind.” I snorted ya right.

“I am your father and I know what is right”

I gasped , how did he do that?

“I am one with you for you have my blood” my Father explained. “That is why I risked coming back for I know that your time is near.”

Time, what time? Now I was confused.

He went on: “It is very rare for angels to pass on the genes to a human. Humans cannot handle out abilities. Yet cause I am one of the more powerful angels you have traces of my genes in you.”

“Really! I was going to have superpowers. I will have the strength, the sight to see through things! Maybe wings!!” I was shouting as much as could within my mind!!

Weirdly, as my dad and I were “talking” I could feel a strange tingling starting in my feet working it’s way up my body. I was so pumped! Imagining myself doing all sorts of angelical stunts would be so cool. Then the tingling reached my back. It started itching. I was going to have beautiful white wings!!

My head started to get fuzzy as the itching in my back grew worse. I heard a voice in my head cautioning me that this would be the most painful thing in the world. Painful? If I survived the transformation. If I survived?

My dad went to carry me, explaining that there was a safe place for me to transform if we could make it there in time. By then I had stopped listening, thinking, feeling for the itch in my back turned to a blinding pain. It felt as my back was being turn and stripped apart.

As we flew through the night I couldn’t take much more. I screamed!!


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