Frog Prince – Review



We all know the story of the Prince who was turned into a frog. He found a princess, she kissed him, and voila he turned back into a prince and they got married and lived happily ever after!! BUT what happens if he didn’t know how he turned into a frog. Or more importantly didn’t know how to turn back into a prince!!

This story is about a prince. It starts with him picking out of bride ceremony, and instead insults a princess, runs away, then disappears. The main just of the story is his detective adventure in figuring out who done it and how to turn himself back into himself. Along the way he meets up with the princess he insulted and makes friends with her. He realizes there is more to her then what he originally thought. He finds the witch yet even the witch doesn’t know how to turn him back. Think “oops spell” and “aahhh I have no idea what happened” . The ending is that he is “found” as a frog, and we are brought back to the bride ceremony. He chooses his princess, who kisses him and “poof”!! The frog prince is now a human prince.

Overall a very good child’s tale. My 8 yr old girl really liked it and had asked me to read it to her. If you have children  this would make a great bedtime story. I was given it for free in exchange as a review. I did not like reading it from the ebook but as a paperback it would be a great collection for a home library. And the cover art is so cute too!!


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