Stolen – Review

Stolen By Kelley Armstrong

“Women of the Otherworld” book 2


I think I have fallen in love with Kelley’s style of writing, Elena and Clay, and werewolves!!  I read this book in 2 days. It struck me afterword that this could have been a boring book. Lots of drama, dialog, and some action. But Kelley’s writing plus Elena’s attitude make it into a attention-grabbing book!!

I love Elena! She is not really tom-boyish but more wild wolf.  I love how Bauer sums it up “This isn’t me. This body, this personality. It’s not me. I don’t use this language. I don’t throw tantrums. I don’t plead for my life. But do you know what’s worse? I’m still here, trapped inside, looking out.” I feel like that is Elena, yes she has a wild side considering her black childhood but being a part-time wolf just makes it strong. She thinks, acts, feels wolf-like most times.

Speaking of Bauer -why do people do something dumb then blame others?? Bauer was a influential, wealthy girl who was bored. She looked at Elena’s life,  thought it fantastic and glamorous. So she changes herself into a werewolf, the blames Elena. *ugh stupid person*  However,  I was actually excited to see another female werewolf in the story. Then she goes and gets shot in the head trying to escape as a wolf.  *more dumb stuff* :~

ANYWAY I bet you want to know the story. There is a group of wealthy people who are “collecting”  supernatural beings -vampires, witches, werewolves. Elena is one of those who gets kidnapped.  She eventually escapes, meets up with the rest of her pack and the leader of the “coven”. The Coven is a group of witches. Ruth and Paige are the leaders. Ruth, too, gets kidnapped yet dies in captivity therefore Paige becomes a leader.  Together Clay, Jeramey, Elena, Paige, Adam and a few others break back into he compound, kill everyone, and rescue the little girl Savannah -she is a witch.  That is the bare bones of the story!!

An excellent read! Can’t wait for the next one!


4 thoughts on “Stolen – Review

  1. It’s nice to hear your thoughts on this book – I’m one of the ones who finds the middle section boring! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love Elena, but I miss the other characters too much.

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