Mommy’s Role


2.) Write about a time How you pretended to be someone you aren’t.


When I saw the prompt at first I was like “I don’t usually pretend to be someone else, even by accident”.  Skip that prompt.  But then I got thinking of things I do pretend to be daily -cook ,teacher. I had wanted to write on the topic of mommy role’s for a while so I though this would be a good opportunity.

1)  Loving, Caring and wanting to be a Stay-at-Home MOM

okay, I know how this sounds but have you ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Or Have you ever had a nice, peaceful , quiet half hour before you children wake up, only to have  your child wake up on the wrong side of the bed. And is quite determined NOT to obey AT ALL during the day…..  Yea, that’s why some days I have to work/pretend that I do love my kids, and that I do want to be a stay-at-home mom.

I also find that anger seems to be the predominant emotion many, many times. When children spill their milk, when they don’t want to be schooled, when they track mud through a clean floor -or even an already muddy floor -we, as mom’s, always seem to respond in anger!! I have found my blood pressure rising and me yelling before my brain kicks and tells me “it’s okay she didn’t mean it. Why are you yelling, they are only 7. They have to learn the same life  lessons you learned…”

Those are times when I need to learn how to fake love. A phoney smile quickly becomes real when it is reflected from your child’s face. A few deep breathes (or many deep breathes) to calm the storm brewing in my heart while I try to pretend to not be mad.  Yes, our children should see us mad at some things but for the most part I overact way to much!!


I homeschool my children. As a result have have “researched” homeschooling -methods, curriculum, facts that they will grow up to be normal. 🙂 I would love to be a teacher ….wait, I would love to have a classroom complete with posters, desks, “fun” projects…. but children scare me.  I would love for children to sit and be little robots -that would make my life easier. Alas they are not and so have a mind of their own. And trying to corral that little wayward mind gives me too much of a headache :~

Anyway back to homeschooling my kids. I have discovered after trail and error through the last 2 years, that I am a mom that does best with boxed curriculum.  Now I still don’t believe in just giving them the Lightunits and have them teach themselves -I believe in working with them. I want to know what they think and if they have an interest and are they getting it.  And each day I pretend to do this. I pretend cause it is easier to say “go, play” then it is to teach. It is easier to give them the curriculum and say “teach yourself” then to make sure they are learning.

I am also a teacher of life -or at lest I pretend to. I stay at home and homeschool my kids cause I want them to know about life. I want them to know how people function in the real word. I want them to have manners and be considerate of others.  Yes, I know some public school kids that are very nice and well-behaved (my step-nephew is one) but I believe it is my job. And why do I have to pretend? Cause sometimes it’s easier to tell them “go,play” It is easier to send them outdoors so I can clean. It is easier to say “let’s watch a movie” then it is to say let’s learn about x,y or z.

3)Judge, Jury, and Executioner

I hate being a judge. Someone always ends up crying in the end. So I skip the judging part and just be jury. I listen. I listen to both sides of the part. I ask question about what they think should happen or who started it.

Then I execute. Sometimes that involves a “don’t bother me, go,play”  Most times though I set a timer. 15 min for you to play with toy, then switch. Works like a charm!! In fact they do it themselves. If one really wants on the computer they will say “I am setting the times” then everyone knows to share!!

Inevitably someone does end up crying or pouting on the couch but that is short lived. It is very boring to pout alone when others are having fun outside!!

4)Maid a.k.a. Keeper at Home

This is one I struggle with all the time.  I have figured out that I just don’t like the monotony of it. It is the same things to clean over and over. Gets kinda of boring after awhile. Then I go insane thinking about doing it for the rest of my life!!!

*deep breath*   Okay. I love my family. I, myself,really want a clean house.  So I guess someone has to clean it. (no husband discussion here for that is another story and I ma talking about me here) But wait!! I have 3 able bodied children who are now old enough to help me clean! Yea. They make a mess they clean it up. I make a mess, I show them how I am responsible enough to clean up  😉 Should work that way right.  Except that is where the teacher part comes in and I have to teach everyone of us how to clean (cause I ma a lazy, messy housewife but getting better all the time!!) Then sometimes it is easier to say …you guessed it “go and play” !

Brain storm idea – maybe I should pretend I have a job. My mom is a cleaning lady. Goes in from  1-3 hours to clean. Maybe I should do that. Go outside, put my brain to cleaning mode, go inside and clean for an hour, then outside to congratulate myself .  Do you think that’ll work 🙂 hehehe


Anyway, some days I have to pretend to do some of the roles I am in. For who am I? I am a person who loves to read! I could read all day. then go to the library and borrow some more. I love to surf the internet and find online friends for I am a terrible shy person. I would love to send my kids to school, tidy the house, read, walk the dog, kids come home, supper for hubby when he comes home, and an evening as a family.  But that would appeal to my lazy side . I have a “job” to do. My children are my responsibility and I am here to raise them, teach them, and hopefully they will grow up to be adults!!  🙂  🙂

Thanks for reading!




One thought on “Mommy’s Role

  1. You and me both, sister! I used to be a homeschooling, stay-at-home Mom. Shortly after I sent my kids “out” to school, my husband had a stroke, and I became the primary breadwinner. So, not only was I pretending to be “perfect” mom, filling my children’s every need and preparing them for a lifetime of success, now I was also attempting to be the professional in the household who could balance work, home, and caregiving for my husband. I failed miserably. But when it comes down to it, even my “failures” are successes when I admit that I can’t do it all, and it also makes for some funny blog posts! 🙂

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