Grandmother’s House

Once upon a time ( 15yrs ago)  in a far away land (k it wasn’t that far, just a 2 or less hour drive)  stood a house in a little village. Dwelling in that house were my Grandparents from my dad’s side. Their  names were Grandpa and Grandma Bridges. This is their story. This is the story of their house. This is a story of their love.

When I was growing up I had a mom and a dad and 3 siblings. We lived in a small town far away from my grandparents. I could only see them on weekends. For every weekend we would take a trip to see them. The trip was long and boring and I was always getting yelled at. But who an blame a child for not being able to sit still for 2 hrs (this was waaaay before DVDs in vehicles was even though of!!  😉 haha Then sudden off in the distance you would see a grain elevator!! That was our sign that we had 10 min tops and we were there!! Finally, we got to pile out of the vehicle and run into the house and into the arms of my grandmother!!

We got to spend a whole weekend there in the comfort of Grandparents. A whole weekend in a spotless house (my mom kept a rather untidy house) , watching TV or playing outside, and eating good food (cause that is what grandparents are for). When my parents separated when I was 9, It got so that Grandma’s house was home. I remember spending whole weeks during the summer.  It was heaven.

My grandmother was a big woman -tall and plump. She loved books like I did -only hers were western romance :~  She would read those trashy, celebrity magazines. She introduced me to word search puzzles. She threatened me with a flyswatter to the backside if I was bad. That always did the trick for I never wanted her to be mad at me. Grandpa had a stroke when I was young so I remember him around some but always in a wheelchair or visiting at the hospital-turned-old fold’s home. They loved me unconditionally and never had a problem welcoming me into their home.

Grandma passed away when I was 15. We had to sell the house. I felt sad but more adrift in a sea of loneliness. I felt she was the only one who knew me and there were so many things I wanted to know as a young adult. Times when I need a refuge from my mom(teenage drama) I had none. I wanted to know about her past and by the time I was old enough to care the moment was gone. Grandpa passed away a few years later.

I still dream about the house. I still faintly dream of Her. I have more emotional ties still now then is probably good for me 🙂 Her house was home for me!! I love you Grandma!!



**** writing prompt :4.) Write a poem about a place you felt safe growing up.****


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