A Clash of Kings – Finished

I finished!!!  Lets’ just say it was an amazing book! I did, just now, realize that this is a very sad book.

THEON – If I could I would kill the guy myself! I hated him and thought him a very cowardly character to go behind the lines and take Winterfell when everyone is off to war. Like you really took it? No you just walked in knowing it was just women and non-fighting men.  How awful can you be!!

LANNISTER – why are they winning?? I was so looking  forward to Lord/King Renly kicking butt. He was a cheerful,happy man. I wanted him to take on the Lannisters. That didn’t pan out -he didn’t even get to a battle for He was killed right off. Then I though Lord/King Stannis would fight and win. He did fight but not win. He died too!   😦  Lastly,  during the Battle for King’s Landing, Tyrion is hurt. That sadden me for even though he is a disfigured dwarf his character is more upright then the rest of his family.  I liked the imp man.

STARKS – I feel so sorry for them. They are scattered to the wind. Sansa is basically a glorified prisoner, Ayra is a spunky little girl and trying to get home, King Robb is off to battle, and the boys, well they are captured at Winterfell!! They are supposed to be the good guys and yet they are the ones taking a beating! They are the ones praying to the gods yet is any pray being answered :~

DAENERYS –  She is still trying to just get home. She has a hundred or more riders/fighters. She has 3 baby dragons. At the very end of the book she finally has a ride home -3 ships! Everything seems to be in 3s with her -she comes from the 3 headed dragon house, she has 3 dragons, 3 riddles to solve, and now 3 ships to carry her home.


I really liked George R.R. Martin’s style of writing. I like how he can take so many characters and evoke so many emotions. How you can be sucked right into the series!! I look forward to reading the next book in May.

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