A Marked Past

Author Leslie Deaton

A big thanks to the Author because I was able to receive this ebook free.  I am on GoodReads and a group called Shut Up and Read. They have  “read it and reap”  where authors can give their book to reviewers for free in exchange for an honest review of their book!

I read this as an ebbok. This is roughly the first ebook I read and so that made it a bit different.
Second I find that while I like magic, fairies, supernatural, and sometimes witches(harry potter) I do not like spells, circles, candle -the “satanic” side of witches. This book just touched on it but something I would normally not read.

I found this book sad. It starts and ends with death and funerals. There is a move so soon where a teenage girl is uprooted and placed into a new town and with a new family she didn’t know existed.
This was definitely a young adult book complete with teenage love, high school friends and the coming of “magic powers”.

I liked the book. I liked the magic powers. I liked the details to description that the author uses. I,however did not like the ending. The was a battle, a loved one died, yet the bad guy gets away. It is totally ends in a way to anticipate the next book.

A very good book over all and something I would let my kids read 🙂


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