My Best Friend

Who is my best friend? My Hubby!!

I see so many family’s crumbling apart. I see so many partners treat their spouses like pets -they are nice to have, to hold, to take out but to have a soul connection it’s just not there. I have seen wives treat their husbands like dirt cause they don’t live up to the wives standard of thinking or being a good “Christian” man. I have seen husbands treat wives like they were property. And it sickens me. It sickens my hubby. It makes me sad that 2 people came together but are not really all that connected.

Hubby and I had a conversation that went like this :

Him “what happens in a year or more when you are sick of this lifestyle?” *he is currently NOT a Christian man*

Me after a pause ” you are more then just my Hubby, you are my friend, my lover, but most of all my companion!”

And I meant it. That conversation got me thinking. Sat night we sat around our fire pit outside at 10 o’clock talking for an hour.  That got me thinking too. Hubby always says we have something unique, something most couples don’t have.  We have a FRIENDSHIP!! We have a friendship that goes beyond our husband/wife relationship. We enjoy each others company! We talk, laugh, and occasionally argue together.

Are you friends with you hubby? Do you prefer his company above all else? Is your hubby best friends with you? Does he prefer your company above all?

A few weeks ago my hubby came home after a few hours out with the guys. He told me that he just wanted to come home and be with me. Now, I have low self-esteem issues(that I am working on) and so was floored. He really, truly wanted to spend more time with me then with his guy friends.!!?! I felt loved!! I felt honored!! I felt cherished that day!!

Now my Hubby and I have our good times but we also have our bad times. We went through the honeymoon stage -the non-maturity part and having to grow up now kinda stage. We went through 3 kids in 3 yrs which I am so surprised he didn’t cheat on me (my deepest regrets but I was exhausted most of the time). We went my “super religious”  phase were I got council form a man who was totally different then my hubby and well let’s just say that was a mess. I told you some of our troubles to let you know you that through it all we wanted to be together -Hubby and I. We made it work cause we loved each other and were stubborn enough to say “I will not let my marriage fall apart”. I have always been thankful that when He was down, I was up and when I was down He was up. Neither of us went down together!!

This latest crises brought us closer together. We had to separate from family and friends we knew our whole lives. This is a bit of what brought about my depression yet through it all, it has made us closer. We are a family and we are going to be a close-knit family!! 🙂  🙂 I thank the Lord every day that I have a husband, a friend, a lover, and a companion. I am so thankfully, that even though He may be a “heathen” man and non-religious, He is a good provider, hard worker, and someone who loves me for me! Someone who sees past the outward me and sees the everyday me!! I am so thankful we can talk, argue, and be ourselves without worry.

I love my best friend!! Do you??  Good Morning Girls had an excellent topic about this. About being a joyful wife and a happy friend then having a clean house!



*** I am reading Eph 5:24-33 this week and it’s about the  husband love your wife, and wives respect your husbands. So tomorrow I am going to take about partnerships and head of the house issues. So please stay tuned and Thanks for reading***


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