A Clash of Kings pgs. 243-484



So far I am schedule! In fact I am a chapter over my schedule. hahaha   Anyway lets see what has happened so far:



George spents a lot of time focusing on her. Being a stark out in the wild while her brother is a traitorous king puts her in a very dangerous place. When we last left her, her company of Black Brothers was surrounded, a battle broke out and they were all killed. She and a few others escaped only to be captured later on.  The twist is they are brought to Lord Lannisters keep. There she practices being quiet as a mouse by keeping quiet yet having her ears open at all times.  It works- she hears and sees things that might be useful later on. She is working on an escape plan.

The Kings

We have 4 kings – Joffrey, Robb Stark, and the brothers – Renly and Stannis.  The brothers refuse to co-operate long enough to take King’s Landing together. So Renly is going to fit Stannis. Robb obviously wants revenge plus his sisters back. And Joffrey, well let’s just say it’s a good thing his Uncle Tyrion is running things. All behind the scenes mind you -for the Queen Regent would have a royal fit if she knew what he brother was plotting.


Only one chapter has been devoted to her so far in this section. She finally made it through the winderness and has found a city of the East. There she is going to make her plans to sail and take back her crown!


As you can see this is a “slow” part. yes, it is full of action and plotting but it mainly focuses on the “clash of kings” Each one setting up against the other! I can’t wait to see how this ends!



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