Love Letters

I am very blessed to get love letters. Usually at night lying on my pillow with the sweet words of “To Mommy”

That’s right my Daughter -HoneyBear – writes me notes. Usually it is an I-Love-You note. Sometimes a picture accompanies it.

I have yet to write her back. Yes, that’s so insensitive but the fact is most times I forget in the morning to write her back. Maybe a habit I need to establish.

The 2 older kids have a notebook that I gave them. I wanted to encourage them to write to me and dad. Just in case there came a time they couldn’t talk about something, they could still communicate with us. Well the notebook falls to the way side every know and them but the idea was planted. I see that in the notes my daughter gives. She finally wrote to her dad last night. He smokes eh. She wrote to him and expressed how she didn’t like it. She drew a picture with him smoking and the word “bad” pointing to it. We laughed for it was an 8 yr old innocence!! 🙂

I hope she continues. I hope I have the memory and the compassion to write back. I want to write to all the children. For ofttimes during the day I am too busy parenting to really stop, breathe, and enjoy them. I am too busy being uptight cause they don’t listen. I need to slow down and like the kids! 🙂

Will I write a love letter today??!!  Will you join me in writing a love letter to someone special today??!!  🙂


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