As of the this very minute it it 2 a.m.

The whole house is quite for everyone including the dog is asleep.

While I type this the keyboard sounds loud and intrusive in the quietness.

I cannot sleep.

I dream weird dreams -strange haunting dreams.

I have to get up for I cannot close my eyes.


I surf the internet.

I do my Fri devotion.

I enjoy the quiet and stillness.

I have insomnia!!!


2 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. At 2am on March 9th I was also awake!!! My little baby wanted to practice walking…so I was forced to sit up and wait for him to realize how tired he really was and go back to bed!

    I hate waking up from weird dreams that leave you feeling haunted.

  2. I remember those days!! Our middle son would wake up for no reason and the only way for him to sleep was if we slept on the couch with him on our chest :~ not fun. Thankfully he is a good sleeper now!! 🙂

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