AClash of Kings (ACOK) Pgs 1-242


I actually managed to read my prescribed numbered of pages. This morning I was on page 176. So I had quite to read.

Obviously George R.R. Martin picks up right were we left off. The war between Kings. At this point I feel that Joffrey is not really the real king anyway because Robert was not his real dad. Both Robert’s brother’s are fighting over the crown themselves yet neither seems to have the manpower to get it back. Robb, being of the north, has been crowned King by his fellow bannerman. I am totally in agreement to Robb and his being king. And lastly there is Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Queen. I am so rooting for her and her dragons. I feel she is the “enemy” yet if she ruled the south and got rid of the Lannisters, and Robb ruled the North, well that would just be fine with me!! 🙂

The book opens with Lord or maybe King Stannis. We are finally getting to see his side. Right now I don’t like him. He has family pride but was almost crippled -financially -by his brother. He wants to take back the throne but doesn’t quite have the manpower. He has abandoned the old gods and has joined the red priest.

Ned’s Kids: Sansa has only been touched upon. I feel sorry for her. She is being abused by her betrothed because He is such a prick and can get away with. Someone totally needs to teach him and his mother, Cersei a lesson! Jon is north of the wall. Him and the black Brothers -about 200- are on a quest. They want to find Jon’s Uncle, Benjamin Stark, and to look or rather investigate the missing Wildings.  Ayra, we mainly focus on her. She has been brought out of the city and is now an orphan “boy”. She is with a Yoren -A Black Brother-  traveling back with a group of misfits, thieves, and other criminals. She still has Needle and actually gets to use it!!

Tyrion: I really like him! He has gone to King’s Landing, taken up the Hand’s place, and basically working behind the scenes. I so hope he messes up his sister and brings them down from within!

Not a lot of fighting going on. Again it is mostly just getting the setting down back. Figuring out the characters, what strategies they are plotting, and how to conquer King’s Landing nad get rid of Lannisters 🙂 So far a great book!!


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