My Bouquet of Roses

Mama’s Losing It has a writer’s prompt every Thur. I chose this one:

4.) On The Bachelor a rose is given to the women he could really see himself spending the rest of his life with. What six things/people in your life would you like to give a rose to and why?

#1 – My Hubby. This is an easy one.We are going through some things and last night he asked “what if in a year from now you don’t like ‘the new me’? ” I paused for it got me thinking. Then I answered ‘you are more then just my Hubby, you are my friend, companionship, my lover, and protector of things that go bump in the night’.  He laughed at the last one 😀  I love him tremendously!!

#2 – My Children. HoneyBear, CaptainJr. and Superhero! They fulfill me me. They make me laugh, smile, frown, and wonder why I have no sanity left! hahahaha  Some days I love staying home with them, homeschooling them, and raising them. Other days.well we don’t talk about those days 🙂

#3 – My Books. yes that is in the top three. Books are my escape from reality. They are always there with a story to cheer me up. I love the look and feel of a book as I go sit down to open the first time.  the anticipation of when I am in the middle of a good story and can’t wait to see what happens. The sadness of knowing a story is finished!

#4 – My Pets. I have 2 pets. A cat by the name of Buck. He is an old man now -13yrs. He is a grey tabby that now sleeps all day, mainly on the heat register. He is always crying for more food. He still has enough spunk to fight the dog when given a chance or at the very lest, growls very loudly. I have a dog by the name of Midnight. She is a black lab cross. She is 2 yrs old. She is a wonderful dog, good with babies, kids, and adults.  She will try so hard to crawl into your lap to cuddle.   I love both my pets!!

#5 – The Internet. Yes, I realize this makes me kinda shallow but the internet is my connection to other people. I am a very shy person and a bit of a loner. By being on the internet and finding different forums I have a  connection to other people. Also by having a blog I am getting my voice out there and “meeting” new people! The internet helps me find new recipes, definitions for words, how-to helps, and enjoy different genres of music!! I guess it helps expand my world a bit!!

#6 – Modern Conveniences. I like running water. I like lights that flip on at the touch of a switch. I like throwing clothes in the washer, or dryer, and viola, they’re clean and nice smelling! I like cellphones a.k.a. smartphones! All these things and more. I couldn’t not imagine living like they did not so long ago. Thank you all you wonderful inventors!!


5 thoughts on “My Bouquet of Roses

  1. I enjoyed your list and feel like it mirrors one I would write, except I don’t have any pets. I love my modern conveniences, and often can be heard to say, “God bless whoever invented air conditioning.” (I really need to look that up someday …)

  2. I have heard (OK…read) so many people say lately how much the internet opens up relationships for them more than they could manage on their own because of being introverted. I definitely “put myself out there” more through my keyboard than in a face to face setting. So much of the world is made for extroverts. It is nice for us shy folk to have this mode of interaction.

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