A Battle of Wills

I love all my children. My parenting style is that I want them growing up independent, thinking, moral citizens. I want my boys to be responsible men and I want my girl to be a loving housewife or a lady of grace in whatever she chooses to be. I want my kids to be leaders, to still obey authority but to step out and be themselves.

As a result I am kinda of a laid back mom. I struggle with disciplining my children -finding what I can do to bring some punishment in their lives – grounding, more chores, etc. I don’t believe in spanking. I believe in the The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I believe in taking to my children and listening to them. I unfortunately am not consistent. I unfortunately find it easier to walk away from a confrontation especially when I know it will bring a temper tantrum :~

So that leaves me with a strong-willed 7 yr old boy who thinks he runs the roost. He tells me “no” on a regular bases, He throws major fits when he gets mad -thankfully this seems to only be directed toward video games.  We have “talks” lots of times. He is usually the example so I don’t have as much trouble with the other too – just different set of troubles  🙂

After 7 long years I think I must needs grow a backbone. He wants to be grown-up now yet He doesn’t follow rules. He doesn’t like groundings so I have to find something else to punish him with because he will always be grounded. I am thinking a drill camp. I am thinking I might have to work this little guy to exhaustion or something along that line.Maybe implement lines yet I know he hates writing. I will think of something and try different things and methods.

I have resolved, today, to be the mom. And not just any mom but an authoritative, Sergent drill instructor mom. It is time to pull up my combat boots and show him that I mean business!! 🙂 I love him to pieces. I love them all to pieces. They are independent children (who love to cuddle and hug and tell me they love me on a daily bases), they are talkative children , they are my babies, and they are a little person who I must try to raise till adulthood!

Wish me Luck!!  🙂  🙂




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