A Prose I wrote

Title: The Portal
Genre: Prose
Date started: March 5’12
Date finished: March 6’12

Stella couldn’t remember who gave her the key. As she gazed around the dusty attic, her eyes were drawn to the old, wooden trunk. It’s key hole fit the key, for both were in the shape of a tree.

Today was the funeral for her great-grandmother. Stella spent each summer in the huge house. She remembered the smiles, the laughter, and mostly the dreams of another world whenever she slept.

These dreams were of happy places -meadows,castles, and dragons. Her dreams were magic and filled with fairies. Her dreams were full of color and sunlight. Stella’s grandmother and great-grandmother were there with her sometimes. Only they were young and had black hair and wore long, medieval gowns of rich colors.

Today, however, the house was filled with relatives. There were tears, fond memories, and laughter flowing downstairs. Children running, a few cats trying to find laps, and a dog or two barking away. Food and drinks were set up in the kitchen which slowly dwindled as people came and went.

Someone had pressed a key into Stella’s hand sometime during the afternoon. A message was attach: “I have been watching you. You are one of the 7 who can see the OtherWorld. Who can see things as only a Prophetess can. Go to the attic. Seek the portal, You will find your answers revealed”

So up to the attic she went. Now she found herself standing in the trunk. She bend down and unlocked it. As it slowly opened she gasped. A bright sunlight from the trunk warmed her. She was standing in a doorway to a beautiful meadow. Wildflowers bloomed splendidly. A dark forest surrounding the meadow like a ring of soldiers. A soft breeze blew and stella caught just the whiff of something. For on that soft breeze that blow the smell of Rosemary and Lemons are lingering, it makes her feel nostalgic!

*don’t know if this is true pose but from what I gather it is ๐Ÿ™‚ correct me if I’m wrong ๐Ÿ™‚ *


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