Divergent by Veronica Roth

This book is 487 pages long. I read it in 2 days. I picked it up and couldn’t stop. Some much action, interaction, and curiosity as to what will happen.

The main character is Beatrice or Trish. The setting is Chicago, which has been divided into 5 factions. These factions are based on morals -honesty, selfishness, knowledge, bravery, and peacefulness.  When the kids turn 16 they can pick their factions they want to live in. Neither faction rarely connects or joins with the other. Trish turns 16 and chooses bravery. But there is a catch. She is what is know as  “divergent” meaning she has the inner ability to be all!The factions require you to be a certain person all the time whereas Divergents think and feel everything.

I will take a moment to say that I found Veronica does not do a good enough job describing and explaining what a Divergent is. That is the title after all plus the crutch of the whole book yet it seems to be put into the background well Trish herself is the foremost center of the book.

The is a love interest and I found it well written into the book. There was a budding friendship, there was hugging,kissing and a falling in love. It was nice to read.

I found this book was very well masterfully crafted. I love how Trish is brave and selfless and emotional all wrapped up. She fits into the bravery faction yet casue she came from selfishness background she brings that mentality into her everyday life. There is an evil antagonist.   You really hate her. The antagonist does have a point so you kinda agree with her but you don’t agree with how she went about it. (Can’t have any spoilers now 😉 hehe)

The ending made me sad. The ending leaves you wanting another sequel. The ending flows with the story.

Overall I love this book. It is a big book but once you get into the story you are glued there. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!!


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