Witch and Wizard




I really like this book. It is definitely for pre-teens/teens. But a good, relaxing read all the same.

What do I like about it? The witch -Wistera Allgood is a teen(15). Her hair is red and she is funny, smart, and very sarcastic. She has a strong, fierce love for family.  Which is a good thing cause her and her brother must stand up and fight “The One Who IS The One”. The Wizard -Wit Allgood is 17 turning 18. He is only described as a football jock, athletic with a washboard tummy, and has a great sense of humor. 🙂  He and his girlfriend have found true love.

Together they fight the New Order or N.O. as it is called. The N.O. want order, perfection and everyone to be good and obedient. The trouble makers, witches, and wizards -even/mostly children are sentenced to jail. Not just any jail but think torture, starvation, hateful jail. Then those in jail are executed. Witsy and Wit escape, run for their lives (with the help of friends along the way), make magic and mischief, and then help free others.The beginning and end of the book is described as their execution. Which is very much leading on to the next book in the series : The Gift

If you are into wizardry and even if you are not I encourage you to read this book. A fun read for everyone. It will not disappoint you 🙂


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