The Mall Date

Yesterday I was going stir crazy. I was having an emotional day -nothing wrong just me and my hormones :~  Anyway so I text my sister, who called my, which we made arrangements for 1-3 at the mall. Then she would pick me up and take me home. I jumped on that chance right away.


The first thing we did, however was go to McDonald’s -there is one across from the mall. Everyone was hungry (cause I didn’t feed them lunch. I knew we were going out ) We had burgers, and fries, I had a coffee, and everyone had a potty break. Then we were off to the mall!!


First stop was the bookstore. All the way across the mall.  The kids were good 🙂  I have to deal with my Daughter’s attitude though. Lately it seems everytime we walk into the store it’s ‘mommy, I want this’ and ‘mommy, can I have that’ or she starts crying cause she wants something so bad. *sigh* We are working on that.


The Bookstore!! Did I mention I am a reader? 😉  Did I mention I turned my kids into readers? Yea I did. They love books as much as I do!! That being said they sat there quietly reading various books off the shelf well I got to browse. Unfortunate our book store is of the small city type (even though our city is growing) so it seems they never get the one book I am looking for. Yesterday I was looking for Psycho by Robert Bloch. It was for a challenge on GoodReads. I ended up buying it off of Anyway, back to the bookstore. I did pick up the book World War Z by Max Brooks. It has been on my list of books I want to read for a while now. Next thing I knew everyone wanted a book. SO I promised them that I would take them Sat to value Village or another second hand store and buy them a book of their choice. Or wait till the end of them month and I would get them their specific book. Having readers is getting expensive in this family.  Plus I need new shelves!! More shelves then the four loaded ones downstairs!!


I had a few more min. to burn so we walked to ‘A Child’s Place’ -it’s kinda like a toy store. I bought the kids a game – Too Many Monkeys. They were happy with that. Did you know we have a Tim Horton’s in the mall? They are a coffee franchise in Canada. Was going to get timbits (small round doughnuts -one mouthful) but instead CaptainJr, reminded me that the mall has many places to get food. “uh hmm yes’ I said. They wanted ice cream!! with strawberries!! Not a blizzard with strawberry cheesecake but ice cream with strawberries. Oh and they didn’t want to share they wanted their own. So as I treat I got it for them. When will I ever learn -sweets makes them hyper :~


While I was watching the kids eat ice cream (with a few likes for myself here and there) Hubby called. He was coming home(this was around 2:30) because he was sick! he wanted soup.One last trip to the store at the mall with three giggly, hyper kids and we were home by 3:20!!


I very good day. I was so thankful for my sister. I made soup, got the kids watching a movie and had a pleasant afternoon 🙂


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