Chores and a Happy Attitude

On Mon feb 27 -something weird/exciting/scary happened to me.

It started with my Daughter, HoneyBear, who was in a good mood and stated she was going to clean the house for me. I smiled and nodded “yes that’s good, please do your school work.” Next thing I know my 6 yr old son, SuperHero came downstairs and told me he had cleaned his room. SO up I went to check it out. And it was SPOTLESS, including under the bed and in the closet!!  I was so proud and I gave him a big smile and hug to show it!! Then he asked for a sticker. I said “yes, you may have one”

This is were it gets weird  🙂  🙂 They all started competing for STICKERS. They started doing or asking for this chore and ‘can I clean that’. It was fun to watch 3 little ones(k maybe not so little anymore) clean the house. I BlackBerry Messenger their Dad and told him how scared I was at this moment haha. When he came home I made him comment so the kids could feel that we appreciated them doing this.

Now how can I repeat this lovely, wonderful event. I should keep more stickers in the house from now on 🙂  🙂


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