No Rest for the Dead


The authors : 26 writers !!

That is what intrigued me to burrow this book. How can 26 people write one book? Well, they can write one beautifully! The story really flows, the characters are full of depth -you feel their pain, sorrow, greed , and the plot keeps you coming back!

Coming back? yes, I felt this story plodded on. I felt this story had a lot of fillers -describing characters and the settings, getting the plot and story to flow. That has always bugged me in a book. I like action books and books that keep me glued to the story. Plus I really, really hate when authors tease you with who-did-it yet don’t tell you anything. Some Authors -like Mary Higgins Clark -can pull that off. This book made me want to flip to the back and find out what really happened.

All -in- All  it was a good for once read. If you haven’t read this book please do. I mean how often do you get a book that flows even when written by 26 people!! This book will have you keep coming back because you’ll want to find out more. But if you don’t like slow books beware. 🙂




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