I had a fun time last night. It started by my Hubby asking me if I wanted to go dancing with him. At first I was all like O_o, then I was like 😀  lets do it.

I know that must shock some of you -here I am stating “Christian” beliefs and doing Bible studies yet I drink and dance. Well that’s why my blog says Moderation.  I don’t go dancing every night -except for in my own home with my own hubby. I didn’t get drunk/drunk, therefore last night was just a mild buzz.

At the same time that I was having fun my heart was breaking a bit. You see one of our good friends just got the ax from his girlfriend 😦  SO when we first started the night at my house it was pretty sad. Then we went to a mutual (girl)friends house. That is where we left are sad friend. Those two had been for a long time and went through many things together. SO that was a bit of balm there. Hubby and I went dancing and got home at 1.

All in all a good Friday!!  Now for a relaxing evening tonight with “Dexter” or another movie and we are all set!!  🙂

Have a Happy Weekend Everyone


One thought on “Dancing

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Glad that you had a fun evening with your husband. Nothing wrong with dancing/drinking moderately and I’m a pretty conservative Christian. My dh doesn’t like dancing much so we don’t. I did manage to get one slow dance out of him during his work Christmas party 🙂

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