A Blessing

Today my sister came to visit. She told me she had a visit with our Aunt -my Dad’s sister.  Apparently my Aunt gave my sister some Christian books to her, which she passed on to me cause I am the reader 🙂

book #1 : The war is over  by Andrew Wommack

book #2 It’s your Time by Joel Osteen


A little background as to why these two books are a blessing.  Once upon a time we attend a Baptist -fundamentalist, KJV only, independent -church. Both my sister and I have had a “falling away” from this church. Whereas my sister has moved on, I struggle with my believe. I struggle with being the “good girl”, being a Christian, and just “who am I” in general. The books look interesting and from the back seem like books that may help me to get over this period in my life.

I guess I want to explain something too. I am not a strict “Christian” anymore. I don’t judge people EVER – cause they are people and make their own lives. I want to live a life not governed by rules and regulations  (other then the “normal” ones hahaha)  I want to be free to do as a please whenever it pleases me without worrying who I am going to offend!

I do love God! I do read His Word! I do want to live a moral and clean life! Just not to the extreme! 🙂 I am hoping these books will help me balance my life!



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