Sunday’s Wisdom

Church and My Thoughts

Today let’s talk church. Being a Sunday most Canadian’s at this point are doing their duty to go church. Don’t matter what they believe, or how they live, they must go to church.

For some it is what they did when they were a child. It’s Sunday, Pack everyone in the car we are going to church.

For others they see it as their “Christian” duty. I believe in God therefore I go to church. Maybe not every Sunday but often enough

For some they want to go. They found Jesus and have fallen in live with him. They want to worship they Lord their Savior!

For others, well let’s just say the cults, they must go because they are commanded to “forsake not the assembly”

Let’s just say I was part of that last group. Every time the doors were open we went -church,fellowship,prayer time -doesn’t matter, we were they. We had to be or else people would look at you like you were weird. “Don’t you love God enough” was the look on their faces and their body actions.

Let’s just say Hubby and I are burnt out.  We couldn’t keep up.

Sure we loved God and wanted to go to church but not all the time!

Sure we loved God’s people but that doesn’t mean we want to be around you 99% of the time.

Sure we respected the “Man of God”/Pastor but that doesn’t mean he has to rule our lives in the name of “Christianity”.

Here we are taking time off from church. Hubby has taken a step back from Christianity and has become rebellious and a “heathen”  🙂 🙂  hahahaha   (said in a loving manner. I love my hubby and honestly don’t care what he does. he is my husband and I love him dearly!! ) I am doing a Bible study with a wonderful group of Ladies!

My Beliefs at this point are:

I love God, Jesus Christ the Lord, and His Word a.k.a. KJV Bible

I believe in God working in my life

I believe that I can worship God in my heart, at my home, with just me and my Bible

One day soon I will go back to church. One day soon I will worship with believers again. But next time I choose the dates I go. Next time I won’t get sucked into other people’s definition of Christianity!!


One thought on “Sunday’s Wisdom

  1. I believe you haven’t found the right church. I too saw church the way you did until the Lord placed me where I could serve and grow and He changed my heart about it. He placed a wonderful church family in our lives at a time that was so crucial in our lives and our marriage. The ideas I had about church and christianity were all messed up because of the way I was raised and I never found the right church. Probably because I was looking for the church “I liked” that had the kind of music “I liked” and the child care “I liked” and the preacher “I liked” and the people “I liked” see the pattern… When I found myself spiritually bankrupt and broken wondering why God? I’m going to church God? I’m tithing God? I’m reading your word God? It’s because I was “going thru the motions” I was not being spiritually fed. I was “on the milk and not the meat of the word!” The problem was I was not being obedient nor was I seeking Gods will in my life. Just because I was doing what was comfortable for me at the time was not what God called me to do. Church is so much more to me than a place you go on Sunday and Wednesday. It’s a place where I can go to learn the word of God from a man of God, it’s a place where I can serve the Lord, it’s a place of accountability and encouragement a time to fellowship with my fellow Christians and escape the world I can’t imagine not being there every time the doors open not because its what I’m supposed to do but because I need the encouragement, support and love from fellow Christians that love the Lord and truly want to see me grow spiritually. We as christians are commissioned to go out and tell others the Good News and be the hands and feet of Christ. Just remember its not about religion it’s about a relationship. There is ALOT of legalism in church these days that confuse so many folks don’t get sucked in but do seek a place to worship and grow and most of all Serve! The Lord will place you where you need to serve if you are willing…
    –With love,
    Your sister in Christ

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