Welcome! My name is Digitalangel3! I have a wonderful family:


HoneyBear (a girl just like her mom. loves teddies,blankets, and enjoys reading too. Has a major crush on Flash the Superhero)

Captian Jr,(A spitting image of his dad. loves soldiers, superheroes, and anything his dad likes)

SuperHero (The youngest of the family Loves superhoeros,mainly Batman, playing with his brother, and enjoys life)

Now on to me 🙂 who am I:

I am a -reader. love,love,love books

I am a wife,lover,friend,and companion to my Hubby

I am a -,mom,teacher, nurse,comforter,reader,cook and any other title for stay-at-home-mom

I am a – person who has come out from the Baptist church and now has to stand on her own two feet

I am a  -person who lifts weights and enjoys it

I am an  – eater. I love food. very hard to lose weight when you love sweets 🙂

I am a – serious person. Unfortunately not a funny person 😦 I love blogs that make you laugh so hopefully I can find my funny bone

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